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Llandudno is Wales's largest seaside resort, and as the tourist office brochure states, it can indeed "lay strong claims to be the most beautifully situated resort in the whole of the British Isles".

Llandudno is located between the Great Orme and Little Orme headlands. The town itself dates back to 1854. Back then the area was home to a small indigenous mining and fishing community, a far cry from the mass international crowds that we see today.

Initially, the village was designed as a seaside resort solely for Victorian vacationers. Nowadays visitors come from all over the UK, Europe and beyond to enjoy picturesque surroundings, local attractions and relaxing atmosphere.

Llandudno is home to Britain?s longest cable car. The town is also renowned for being the place the famous novelist Lewis Carrol worked for Henry Liddell, whose daughter (Alice) went on to become his wife and the inspiration for the book ?Alice in Wonderland?.

This dynamic seaside resort is quite different to most. It's a refreshing mixture of old and new - a successful blend of history and culture with the conveniences and entertainment opportunities that you?d find in a popular vacation spot.

The Visitor Centre in Llandudno is designed to promote environmental awareness and respect for the surrounding landscape. It has some very well presented displays along with some excellent photographs which provide a wealth of information about the wildlife and history of the ancient headland. You can also take a guided walking tour around the area. They leave three times a week.

You can even go skiing here?

In 1986 ?ski Llandudno? was opened. It's a 300 meter dry ski slope and toboggan run located near the Happy Valley. It's not only popular with amateur enthusiasts but is of national importance to the sport. The Artificial Ski Championships are held here each year.

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