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Most of the food in Wales is produced with local ingredients. Lamb is particularly popular here. Wales is well known for its sheep farming and lamb has always been traditionally associated with Welsh cooking. Beef and dairy cattle are raised here too, especially in Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire.

Some traditional dishes include: Welshcakes: (small pastries cooked on a bakestone), crempogs (pancakes), bara brith (sweet bread with currants), cawl (stew with lamb and sometimes leeks),
Laverbread (seaweed served delicacy) and Welsh rarebit (toast with cheese and butter).

Wales also produces some very fine cheeses including Caerphilly , y Fenni, Llanboidy, Red Devil, and Black Bomber cheese.

There are more than 20 vineyards in Wales and some exceptional locally produced beers. Most of the vineyards were set up in the 1970’s but the breweries date back as far as the late nineteenth Century.

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