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Cardiff has recently gained a reputation as one of the coolest cities in the UK.
The Capital of Wales has enjoyed a major rebirth since its days as the world’s leading coal-exporting port.

Nowadays there’s a lot more to Cardiff then coal. Just recently a number of top venues have opened up making it one of Britain’s most appealing destinations. Probably the most important new feature is the stylish new waterfront that runs along Cardiff bay with many new hotels, restaurants and bars. Then there’s Techniquest, the new Science Discovery Centre with 160 interactive exhibits, a planetarium, science theatre and a discovery room.

Other popular attractions in Cardiff include: the National museum and the Victorian Arcades (where you’ll find some excellent shops). Not to be missed is Cardiff’s famous castle. It was built ages ago during Roman times. In the nineteenth century it was recreated in medieval style by William Burges, architect to the Earl of Bute, as a fairytale residence. It’s a fascinating structure, well worth checking out.

Having said that, all the locals will agree that whatever about the coal, the new developments, the historical buildings, Cardiff’s real claim to fame is that it is the true home of rugby, something that they are all incredibly proud of.

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